Amazing Words Of The Michael Jordan Accomplishments

Words of the Michael Jordan Accomplishments which were absolutely amazing.  He changed the game of basketball forever.  Everybody always tries to play like Jordan did.  They said when he was on the court, you knew you were in trouble.

Jordan played on a different level then most players.  They say Jordan was bigger then life.  A human billboard, the image of athletic perfection, and icon of icons.  Magic Johnson said Michael Jordan was the best that ever played the game.

Magic Johnson said he was the strongest guard body wise he ever played.  He would just run right through people.  Scottie Pippen said he would see stuff in the game and just say wow, did I just see  that.

Michael Jordan Accomplishments Are Absolutely Amazing

Michael Jordan Accomplishments

Michael Jordan Accomplishments have showed people what is possible.  Just by watching him do it, others have realized what is possible if you just give it your all.

He told them give me the ball, I will take the last shot and win the game. It is my destiny to take the last shot. I was made by God to take the last shot.  Because of times like that he became a super huge star.

He had media exposure people before him just didn’t have.  He blew up and didn’t stop getting bigger and bigger.  Michael Jordan Accomplishments

Michael Jordan Accomplishments Showed The World What You Can Do

Michael Jordan Accomplishments showed the world what you can do when you give it your all in something.  He was a man like no other on the court.  He helped his team to win championship after championship after championship.

Michael Jordan Accomplishments

People wanted to buy anything that was endorsed by him.  T.V. ratings followed him, fans followed him.  He created tons of fans, including a lot of women fans.  He took advantage every time he was in front of a camera.  He is somebody to follow.  You must read his story, it will inspire you to make things happen.  He is somebody that can change your life.  Michael Jordan Accomplishments are amazing.




Napoleon Hill Created The Laws Of Success

Napoleon Hill is the is the author of the most successful books that have helped to create more success stories then any other book out there.  He wrote The Laws of Success, and also Think and Grow Rich.

Laws Of Success

He is by far the the most successful author in the personal development arena out there.  He has created more millionaires then any other author in personal development by far.

Laws of Success


Tons of people have taken his work and tried to make it their own.  He has created some amazing stuff, why wouldn’t you try to make it your own.  Find someone who has what you want and do what they do.

Laws of SuccessThey did a study of self made millionaires and what they had in common.  They found that 80% of all self made millionaires read a portion of one of Napoleon Hill’s books.

The Laws of Success Can Change Your Life

Laws of Success


Follow Napoleon Hills laws of success to change your life like many others have done in the past.  If it worked for other people it can work for you.  You must completely follow the laws step by step.

Laws of Success


He also say’s you must be ready for the change that is about to take place in your life.  You will not get the most out of it if your not ready for it.

Laws of Success


“YOU MUST BE READY TO ACCEPT THE GIFT THAT YOU WILL BE GIVEN FROM THIS BOOK”  Please trust me when I say it will be well worth it.  I have personally seen these laws of success work magic!

Help The Laws Of Success Change Your Life

Laws of Success

The Laws of Success will take effort from you also.  You must be willing to have faith in the principals and practice them to create habit’s for yourself.  Success comes from what you do daily.

Laws of Success


Just take the time to give him a chance.  He is the best at teaching you the practical principals   Follow them and change your life.  You will not be disappointed.  YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF!  The Laws of Success will change your life and your families life, let it happen.



Motivational Messages From A Master Mentor Named Jim Rohn

Motivational Messages from Jim Rohn, he was amazing at what he did.  Jim Rohn was a man that changed so many lives.  He showed people why you keep on pushing until you get to where your going.  In this video he talks about the day that turns your life around.

Jim Rohn was a man with passion, he always knew the right words to say.  He said you must become disgusted with the way your life is now.  You won’t make a change if you are content.  You have to say I have had enough.  That’s when you make a change.  You must be willing to do whatever it takes.


“You have to decide to make a change, if you don’t make the decision you have no shot.”Motivational Messages







Jim Rohn Has So Many motivational Messages To Share

So many motivational messages coming from the master Jim Rohn.  We all need that life changing day. The day you say enough is enough.  That day can change your life.  You have  to absolutely want the change to make it happen.

Motivational Messages



Decision making is a life changing day.  That day is very important.  ”Its in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  Tony Robbins



You Have To Trust Jim Rohn’s Motivational Messages

Trust Jim Rohn’s Motivational Messages, they are powerful and life changing.  You never know what will happen in your life to help you make that decision.

Motivational Messages


You want to create that desire to succeed.  You have to have desire if you want to make it in this world.  Find a burning desire to succeed inside yourself to drive you forward.  That is what it takes.  Never let anything stop you.  One thing about Jim Rohn is his motivational messages come from the heart.


Les Brown Motivational Speaker and Success Coach

Les Brown Motivational Speaker and Coach that has created many many successful people.  People he has mentored to greatness, people who have had more success then they ever dreamed of.  People like master coach and mentor Johnny Wimbrey.

Les Brown talks about people who moan and grown about life all day.  They just complain all day about everything.  But they never do anything to change it.  They haven’t got to the point to where they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  He said they just have enough energy to complain about it and they think its equivalent to doing something about it.

He talks about how people believe their circumstances dictate their reality.  They believe they can’t make any change, they believe they are stuck in those ways they created growing up.

Les Brown Motivational Speaker and Millionaire Maker

Les Brown Motivational Speaker

He is Les Brown motivational speaker and millionaire maker.  He travels the world and teaches and trains people on how to tap into that personal power you have inside yourself.  He is constantly telling people they have greatness inside them.  People need to hear the truth about themselves

You have the ability to do the impossible.  You have talents and skills you haven’t even begin to reach for yet. Les Brown said “nobody could of convinced him what he was going to accomplish”.

He was labeled mentally retarded  but he didn’t let that define him.  ”somebody’ opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”Les Brown Motivational Speaker

It’s your own beliefs, you create your destiny.  ”It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”  Tony Robbins


Les Brown Motivational Speaker and Master Mentor

Les Brown Motivational Speaker


Les Brown motivational speaker and a master at mentoring people to succeed at their highest potential.  He said he found a man that saw something in him at a time when he didn’t see something in himself.

He told Les “someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”  That is right when Les Brown changed his life.  You have to his amazing powerful story and let it inspire you.  Les Brown motivational speaker with a heart of gold.

Lets Get Motivated In A Big Way


Lets Get Motivated In A Big Way

I think there is many ways for you to get motivated.  I feel motivation is an extremely important part of your everyday life.  You need it to get up in the morning.  You need it to strive for more in life.  You need it to want to grow yourself in life.  You also have to have it to inspire others around you.

People feed off the energy you give off.  If you take your energy to another level, it will automatically inspire people without you even opening your mouth.  Get excited, you need to get excited everyday.

Everybody hates a boss, but everybody needs a coach.  You need somebody that is willing to tell you the truth, somebody who isn’t afraid to tell you like it is.Get Motivated

You need somebody that can hold you accountable to yourself.  Somebody that can simply say, “go look in the mirror and except the life you created”.  Somebody that can tell you how to create the next 20 years in a different way.



“Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result”

Get Motivated To Never Stop Moving Forward

Get motivated to never stop moving forward.  You don’t have to stop moving forward,  Everybody hits obstacles that slow them down.  But you don’t have to stop moving forward.

Keep your eye on the prize.  That is why your dreams must be bigger then your obstacles always, then you will never have to take your eye off your dream.  Find something that is super deep to your heart.  They say your why should make you cry.  WHY DO YOU WANT TO SUCCEED?

Don’t just do it for you.  If for any reason you can’t find out why you should do it for you.  Do it for the ones you love, the ones that love you.  People look at you to show them whats possible.  Don’t mess that up!!!  Get motivated and show everybody how its done.

Get Motivated For The People You Love

Get motivated for the people you love and the people who love you.  They need answers and you should be the one to get them for them.  Sometimes you need answers too.  But you have to find them yourself by trial and error. The school of the hard knocks.

Sometimes it starts with you searching within yourself first.  Then search within the world. You can get the answers.  The more you learn, the easier life will become.  Make it happen for the ones you love.  You must first get motivated, them give it everything you got.

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